Traditional meals

Acadians inherited a diversified cooking tradition because their ancestors had easy access to products from the farm, the sea and the forest (wildlife and berries). The quantity of meat and fish consumed by a family depended on whether they owned a farm or made their living from the sea. Some traditionnal meals have been adapted to modern life but some have remained quite authentic and are still served regularly.

Poutine Rapée : Shredded potatoes in the form of a ball with pieces of pork in its center.

Poutine à trou : Also called “Poutine routies” because they are baked in the oven, this pastry is stuffed with raisins, blueberries or cranberries and small apple pieces. It is one of the more refined acadian deserts. They are mostly made in South-East New-Brunswick.

Râpure : Also known as rappie pie, râpure is a mix of shredded potatoes to which we add pieces of chicken, beef or cohaugs baked in the oven.

Fricot : Traditionnal stew composed of meat, fish or seafood to which we add diced potatoes, onions and lots of broth. It is also called ”Fricot Acadien”.

Pets de soeur : A baked cinnamon dough dessert shaped in the form of a bun.

Seafood : Most Acadian villages are on the waterfront, therefore many meals consists of different types of fish and seafood.

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